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September '23 | Flieber Feature Updates

September '23 | Flieber Feature Updates

Product Marketing Lead @ Flieber

September’s big update is about the now publicly available API! Read on to learn more about it. Don't forget to check out this month's latest blog posts.

Here is a TLDR:

Product Updates

Public API of Flieber’s Product Catalog

Product Catalog - Blog

Although this feature is still in Beta, you can now access your Flieber Product Catalog via our API, which can be helpful to your operations. Previously, we have focused on seamlessly bringing your data into the platform, but now, you can pull data out of Flieber! This is only the beginning of how the powerful API can help our users even further.

You can pull the entire product catalog from Flieber, or gather data at the granular level by product code. The flexibility of the API will be great for your customized needs. Check out the developer guide and start using the API to access your product catalog!

View Seller Central Errors in-app

When pushing orders to Amazon for your replenishment needs, notifications can be helpful as the platforms communicate. To prevent the need to switch between browser tabs or windows, Flieber’s integration with Amazon Seller Central has been improved even further!

Flieber now shows notifications of errors from Seller Central, which can help with self-resolving issues and get you moving on with your day. If you're not sure how to resolve the error, our Customer Success team will be happy to help!

Tooltip Added with Tier Calculations

If you ever needed a reminder of the calculations when filtering by Tier, a tooltip has just been added! Just hover over the “i” icon to view the ranges and filter as needed. So helpful!

Reports Listed in Alphabetical Order

The list under the Reports header category has been updated to list the reports alphabetically. This will help users easily find the report that is needed in less time. Have you checked them all out? 

Replenishment Needs Alert

While drafting a Transfer Order, an alert was added to notify when the “Units to Replenishment” were not enough to fulfill the “Covered Period” due to limitations on the inventory levels of the storage. In a future release, the “Covered Period” will recalculate based on the storage's inventory levels.

Latest Blog Posts

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