Flieber raises $20 million to bring multichannel inventory optimization to modern retailers

Flieber raises $20 million to bring multichannel inventory optimization to modern retailers

Series A funding will accelerate the company’s expansion in the Shopify and DTC ecosystems.

NEW YORK — Sept 22, 2021 — Flieber, the groundbreaking inventory optimization platform, today announced $12 million in Series A funding. The round was co-led by seed investor GGV Capital and Monashees, and brings the company’s total funding to $20 million. With this recent investment round, Monashees will join GGV on the board of directors where it has served since 2019.

Flieber is an inventory optimization platform focused on ecommerce companies. Backed by advanced analytics and machine learning, the platform equips multichannel brands with long-term forecasts to accurately predict ideal stock levels across all sales channels and inventory locations. This unique platform provides users with complete control over sales, supply chain operations, and inventory decisions, allowing them to synchronize sales pace and inventory availability to avoid stock-outs and overstocks.

“When retail moves online, everything goes digital: sales, advertising, customer relationships… The only thing that continues to be physical is the product. So, it’s only natural that inventory is  at the center of all complexities in the world of retail. And Flieber is instrumental to solving a big part of these complexities,” said CEO Fabricio Miranda, who co-founded Flieber in 2019 with CTO Jair Vercosa. “Now, modern retailers of any size can access the same technology used by household brands to make better operational and supply chain decisions.”

Since its launch, Flieber has processed more than 20 million sales orders, and its system currently makes over 500,000 calculations daily. The company has clients selling in 15 countries and over 300,000 products running on its platform.

“Flieber has a unique solution that addresses the inventory complexities of multi-channel, digital-first retail companies as well as ecommerce giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and others,” says Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV. “We’ve been partnering with them since their seed round. The value they can create for customers is impressive, and we look forward to working with Fabricio and the team as they become a key platform in the toolbox of every modern retailer.”

“Marketplaces and platforms have made selling products really easy. But everything that happens until you have the product in inventory ready to be sold is still extremely complex. Flieber’s mission to democratize that part of retail is a much needed step for the future of the retail industry,” said Carlo Dapuzzo, partner at Monashees.

As Flieber continues to expand, numerous projects are underway to help its clients gain even greater supply visibility and automation. This includes the expansion of its API, which helps clients integrate their tech stack into Flieber’s ecosystem to consolidate data and discover reliable supply chain insights.

“We have built an API-based platform from the start. The modern retail supply chain is fragmented by nature and the solution to avoid stockouts and overstocks includes connecting all these pieces. By helping retailers control the whole inventory flow, from the need to restock to the delivery at the inventory location, Flieber is becoming the platform that coordinates every action that needs to be taken by each member of the supply chain,” said Jair Vercosa.

For more information, visit flieber.com

About Flieber:

Flieber solves inventory optimization for the modern multi-channel retailer. Through the use of advanced technology and data analytics to improve decisions and reduce complexity in e-commerce operations, Flieber’s platform connects with sales channels and supply chain players to synchronize sales velocity, supply chain operations and inventory management. The result is more sales due to fewer stockouts, lower trapped capital due to less overstock, and higher margins due to increased operational efficiency — all with a fraction of the work.

Founded in 2019 by Fabricio Miranda and Jair Vercosa, Flieber is backed by top-level investors including GGV Capital, Monashees, Cherubic, and AME Cloud Ventures (Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo!).

For more information, visit flieber.com.

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