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October '23 | Flieber Feature Updates

October '23 | Flieber Feature Updates

Product Marketing Lead @ Flieber

October has been exciting for the Flieber Team as Flieber Sales has officially launched!

Continue reading to learn a little more and check out other Flieber product updates that released this month, including a feature that will be deprecated.

Here is a TLDR:

  • Official Launch of Flieber Sales
  • Design for the PO/TO Tracking Page
  • Report: Sales vs Forecast 
  • Edit Draft Expiration Date in bulk
  • Chatbot Update
  • [Deprecated] Push to Amazon

Product Updates

🚀 Flieber Sales

Flieber Sales is the latest development from the Flieber Team. The new platform automates the ingestion of your data and gives you full control of your forecast to make better decisions in a fraction of the time. 

Are you ready to elevate your forecasting game? Early adopters can sign up and self-onboard their Amazon and/or Shopify brands for free! 

PO/TO Tracking Page UI Update

The PO/TO Tracking page UI updates:

  • All “Upload” options have been consolidated under a single button. Also, providing additional options for “Simplified” versions of the export template

  • Removed old banners that occupied significant space

  • Improve display of PO/TOs that are “in Transit” and “Past Due”. Clicking “Past Due” will display a filtered view of the tracking list for easier adjustments

Report: Sales vs Forecast

Flieber’s newest report will allow you to compare the forecast and sales of the past and upcoming 30, 60, and 90 days. You can also quickly view the Forecast Model, including growth/decrease, used for that product. Per usual, edit visible columns and filter for your needs.

Edit Draft Expiration Date in Bulk

When drafting a Transfer Order, you can now edit the “Expiration Date” field for multiple products simultaneously! This will help those setting up orders save time for other optimization tasks. 

Chatbot Update

Flieber’s chatbot that’s always in the bottom right corner has received an update. There is a slight visual change, such as color and the ability to move the bubble side to side. As a reminder, the Flieber Team will always be the same high-quality responsive support available to assist. If needed, you can also check out help articles here.

[Deprecated] Push to Amazon

Flieber’s Amazon Inbound Shipment Creation (Push to Amazon) feature will be deprecated on October 31, 2023 for all customers. 

While the feature will continue to exist, it will not be supported. We built a better experience than Amazon's, including the possibility of managing multiple accounts from a single place, but were still bound by their limitations. Although the team is moving on, this will give us more room to build even better features! 


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