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August '23 | Flieber Feature Updates

August '23 | Flieber Feature Updates

Product Marketing Lead @ Flieber

August’s product updates has two main categories: Flieber Integrations and UX updates. Also, the exciting introduction of Flieber Lite! Check it out here.

Here is a TLDR:

  • Almost 30 integrations to natively connect your data to Flieber
  • Separation of product codes for Used and New SKUs
  • Inventory locations are editable
  • UX updates to the filters on the Restocking Needs and Create New Transfer pages
  • Export Data button has been clarified to distinguish the two on the Forecast page
  • Quick link to the Billing Portal has been added 

Product Updates

New Integrations Added 

To provide users with an even better connected experience, more integrations have been added to the Flieber platform. Now with almost 30 integrations natively available to connect your marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, ERPs, etc. to Flieber for better leverage to your sales operations to help you make the best decisions for your brand. See the full integrations list here.

Integrations Now Separate Used and New SKUs 

When selling products, sometimes a used or refurbished product can be sold to move inventory or provide cost-effective products to consumers. Previously, when integrating your products on Flieber, the Used and New SKUs were associated with the same product code or ASIN. But now, the integration can separate the Used product codes from the New to help you identify the  various products quicker! Just look for the suffix “_used” added to the product code. Separating the Used and New products will help you manage your forecast and inventory even better.

Edit Locations

Another small, but mighty update where users can edit their inventory locations. As you grow and your locations change, now you can easily reflect those changes on your Flieber account. Edit the inventory location’s status, location, and even add more associated channels to that location!

UX Updates

To the Restocking Needs and Create New Transfer pages, updates have been made to the filter section at the top:

  • The vertical space from the Filters has been reduced and is only showing highly used filters as default, such "Action" and "Tags"
  • The “Inventory Status” filter has been renamed to “Status”
  • The “Product Classification" filter has been renamed to "Tier"
  • The "Units to Replenish" filter has been removed

To the Forecast page, the text of the export buttons have been updated to clarify what you are exporting: “Export Data from Chart” and “Export Data from Table”.

Billing Portal 

You can now quickly access your billing portal! Never fret when your next billing cycling is coming and update your billing information at any time.

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