Start your new demand and inventory planning journey

  1. Connect your sales channels and integrate your supply chain systems.
  2. Forecast accurately, accounting for previous stockouts, seasonality, outliers, and other variables.
  3. Plan inventory and generate POs that take into account forecast, inventory in-stock and in-transit, suppliers, warehouses, MOQ, lead time, and more.
  4. Restock and adjust delivery needs based on real-time sales, inventory and supply chain data.

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Flieber customers align their sales with inventory.

Inventory Planning
Demand Planning
Plan ahead with accurate inventory forecasting, so the right product is in stock in the right place at the right time.
Timely inventory replenishment
Timely Replenishment

Know when to replenish so that new inventory arrives before you are out of stock.

Real-time Adjustment
Real-time Adjustment

Unexpected demand or shipment delays? Accelerate delivery, or manage  marketing and sales strategically to stretch inventory further.

What Flieber customers are saying:

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Leveraging Flieber, together with the Anvyl integration, we’ve been able to decrease the amount of time it takes to generate a PO by 75%. This is huge and will enable us to hit our growth targets over the next few months.



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Out-of-stocks were a big concern. With coffee, we want to make sure we have fresh goods. We don’t want to hold too much inventory versus the chance of being out of stock if we don’t hold enough. 

At the end of the day what Flieber’s doing is exactly what we needed. Their forecasting had a lot of important metrics in addition to what Amazon’s looking at. It’s just a more reliable way of forecasting.

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We source from Asia and sell in seven countries. It’s very complex to manage our operations. Flieber’s system always helps us balance the inventory levels across all locations at the time of purchase, so that we avoid being overstocked in one country while running out of stock in another.

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We have high volume products that demand frequent shipments from China. Flieber's system gives us full visibility into each order and shows the ideal date of delivery for each product. I love the way their team operates to adjust the shipments, so that we always receive the products close to the ideal time.

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