We plan for demand with a 360° view of sales, inventory, and supply chain data

Without taking into account historical and real-time data, even the most sophisticated forecasting systems fall quickly out-of-date, leading to stockouts and overstock.


3 Essential Data Points To Get Demand Planning Right:

multi-channel sales
Multi-channel Sales
Historical and current sales from every channel, adjusted to account for stockouts, price fluctuation, seasonality, market outliers (such as COVID-19), and other variables.
multi-warehouse inventory
Multi-warehouse Inventory
Updated inventory positions from every storage and fulfillment location in your supply-chain, including their status (in production, in-transit, on-hand etc.).
supply chain operations
Supply Chain Operations
Real-time visibility into supply chain operations including production, freight, and shipping, while considering lead time, safety stock levels, delays, etc.

Flieber brings the data into a single platform, providing complete visibility into forecast, inventory levels, open purchases and transfers, replenishment needs, sales pace, and other information.

What Flieber customers are saying:

“In terms of ROI, time savings alone would justify the platform subscription. It was saving us so much time on planning and executing transfers. And then if you follow Flieber’s recommendations even once, you could see that it was keeping us in stock.”


“Instead of waking up Monday morning and having to run all of the numbers for the next two days, I was able to just approve Flieber’s recommendations. The platform has been like an extension of the team.”

Bom Dia Brands

“We have high volume products that demand frequent shipments from China. Flieber's system gives us full visibility into each order and shows the ideal date of delivery for each product. I love the way the platform automatically adjusts the shipments, so that we always receive the products close to the ideal time.”

Basics Hardware

“We source from Asia and sell in seven countries. It’s very complex to manage our operations. Flieber’s system always helps us balance the inventory levels across all locations at the time of purchase, so that we avoid being overstocked in one country while running out of stock in another.”

Over The Floor

Sales and inventory in perfect harmony

Forecast Accurately

Forecast accurately by leveraging sales history and real-time sales rate along with artificial intelligence (AI)

Plan Inventory

Plan inventory and generate POs, automatically taking into account forecast, inventory in-stock and in-transit, suppliers, warehouses, MOQ, lead time, and more

Adjust In Real-Time

Unexpected demand or shipment delays? Accelerate delivery or manage marketing and sales to stretch current inventory further

Struggling With Stockouts?