Start with an accurate and automated forecast

Inventory planning and replenishment are only as good as your forecast.

sales forecast

Through integrations with sales channels and supply chain operations, aggregate historical and real-time data to identify the most accurate prediction of future sales.

Nothing is left out: A forecast that includes every SKU across every channel and region.


AI and machine learning

Flieber’s sophisticated forecast leverages artificial intelligence (AI) so that events and phenomena that affected sales in the past, won’t adversely affect your forecasting and planning for the future.

  • Stockout Substitution - No sales over a period of time because of stockout, marketplace suspension, or some other reason? Flieber’s forecast replaces those ‘no sales’ periods with what would have sold had those conditions not been in place.

  • Anomaly Detection - Products sell on particular days because of promotions, weather, or other circumstances. The forecast replaces these outliers with standard sales.

  • COVID-19 - Many brands’ sales patterns were severely affected by COVID-19. Flieber’s forecast corrects the history from the impact of COVID-19.

  • Level Shift - Change in sales pace that, unlike an outlier, changes the sales level indefinitely. The forecast detects these changes, and incorporates them into the forecast.

  • Price Normalization - Prices fluctuate for many reasons, including promotions, demand, or competitive price match. Price changes can affect sales, so Flieber forecasts with normalized pricing.

Forecast with flexibility

Manipulate and update your forecast to allow:

  • Comparisons
  • Testing scenarios
  • Predicted growth
  • Planned marketing events
  • External events
  • Other variables

Align Teams On One Forecast

Struggling with varying forecasts across teams, and siloed information? With Flieber, everyone has access to the same forecast. Any updates are made in real-time so there are no versions floating around.

Every team aligned on forecast means every team is planning and executing on the same goals.

Start Forecasting with Flieber

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