Plan and replenish inventory in minutes to cover demand


Plan inventory for a set period of time based on your business - whether that’s monthly, quarterly, yearly, or any other period.

Create a plan

Create a customized plan and generate POs and TOs, automatically taking into account:

  • Sales forecast
  • Inventory currently in-stock and in-transit
  • Every product per supplier
  • Supply chain network

“With so many brands in our portfolio, we are managing a complex supply chain, with many suppliers and nodes within the network. With Flieber, we plan inventory for each brand on custom schedules, whether that’s weekly, quarterly, or twice yearly. 

“The Flieber platform takes the entire supply chain network into account, as well as our parameters including product lead times, inventory positions, MOQ, and others. The platform has streamlined our process for creating POs, seamlessly generating the POs for us, so that we don’t need to calculate it manually.”

Logo – White@3xYedra Lopez Gragera, Business Operations - Supply Chain Lead

Sending a PO and accidentally leaving off a product?

That’s no longer a thing. Every PO includes all products sourced from the supplier and every TO includes all products stored in the warehouse.

Product left off of PO
Alerts to replenish inventory

Sales rate changes unexpectedly?

Alerts notify you when existing inventory won’t cover the period, and recommendations to avoid stockout; including rebalancing POs, TOs, replenishing ahead of schedule, speeding up a delivery, or strategies for stretching inventory further.

Get Started With Flieber

Getting started with Flieber takes 3 days.

  1. Connect your sales channels to aggregate all historical and current data into a single platform.

  2. Forecast accurately leveraging sales data and AI.

  3. Plan and purchase inventory.

  4. Rebalance and adjust in real-time.

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