Forecast accurately to support demand

Let us show you how it works:

  1. Connect your sales channels and integrate with supply chain operations.
  2. Forecast accurately, accounting for previous stockouts, seasonality, outliers, and other variables.
  3. Plan inventory and generate POs, automatically taking into account forecast, inventory in-stock and in-transit, supply chain network, and more.
  4. Restock and adjust delivery and sales based on real-time data and supply chain operations.

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Get your inventory right every time: What to order. When to order. How much to order.

With Flieber, forecast inventory accurately by leveraging real-time data including supply chain operations, sales rate, and marketing events.


Flieber customers enjoy:

Inventory forecasting
Inventory Forecasting
Automated forecasting leveraging sales and supply chain data, and taking into account stockouts, seasonality, outliers, other variables.
Timely inventory replenishment
Timely Replenishment

Know when to replenish so that new inventory arrives before you are out of stock.

Strategically manage sales
Strategic Management of Inventory

Unexpected demand or shipment delays? Accelerate delivery, or manage sales strategically to stretch inventory.

What Flieber customers are saying:

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"With Flieber, we plan inventory for each brand on custom schedules, whether that’s weekly, quarterly, or twice yearly. The Flieber platform takes the entire supply chain network into account, as well as our parameters including product lead times, inventory positions, and others. The platform has streamlined our process for creating POs, seamlessly generating the POs for us, so that we don’t need to calculate it manually."

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We source from Asia and sell in seven countries. It’s very complex to manage our operations. Flieber’s system always helps us balance the inventory levels across all locations at the time of purchase, so that we avoid being overstocked in one country while running out of stock in another.

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